Cool, man (look what I found!)


When I go shopping, I like to splash out. I like to spend, flash the cash, put my hand in my wallet, ย undo the purse strings, give my last penny, spend money like water, blow everything, waste my inheritance โ€“ and anything else that Rogetโ€™s Thesaurus can come up with.

In this case, I splashed out all of 50p.


Well, it had been marked down from ยฃ1 โ€“ how could I walk away?

This book is a gem. I wasnโ€™t knitting when it was published, so somehow it passed me by, but I do remember Jackie magazine โ€“ not that my mother would let me have Jackie, oh dear no, far too silly, I had to borrow it from school friends on the quietย โ€“ and I think they used the same illustrator:

old knitting book

Itโ€™s the incidental details that get me โ€“ love the chairs โ€“ and what the heck isโ€ฆ

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