The long tea time of the soul

One day I will knit a Pi shawl. Till then I will admire other people’s work. 🙂

Glenna Knits

The Pi Shawl has started to be more or less an annual knit for me. I finished my first one four years ago, and now I’m nearing the end of my fourth one. Eventually I’ll have to start giving them away, or else find a way to integrate them into my decor, or (gasp) stop knitting them, but I confess I don’t plan to stop knitting them any time soon. There’s something appealing about how easy they are to get started, and how simple they are to execute. I finish one, feel relief that I got to the end of it, then a few months later start asking myself what colour I want the next one to be, and then here we are.

I love wearing them wrapped all around my neck and shoulders like a loose cowl, and they’re great transitional accessories in spring and fall for that very reason…

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