Blessings on Good Friday

Dear Reader

It’s been a strange Lent for me as this year as I didn’t give up anything or take anything up. Due to being rather busy at the weekends even attending Church has been a bit haphazard!

However Easter is now up on us and since it’s a Bank Holiday for me I’m taking the time to catch up with you guys with a round up of what’s been on and off the pins.

Firstly I ended up frogging a project as it had been a wip for so long that although I tried I just couldn’t get my head back into the pattern.  I’ve found another pattern to do with the yarn but as yet I’ve not casted on.  Brain has been a bit fuzzy and buzzy for a few weeks which has meant that my down time concentration has suffered.  However I did manage to focus on finishing the Glasgow Rose Shawl


Here it is blocking.  On the next pic though you can see somewhere I got a bit lost as the centre line is not as straight as it should be.


However overall I’m pleased with it. 🙂

I finished a sock and have casted on its friend.  I’ve also sorted out my stash into different projects which meant that I also managed to bag up my odd left over bits and have made a start on two won’t finish till the end of time projects.  For ages I’ve been admiring the Bee Keepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits and the African Flower Crochet pattern that has been used in various projects mostly in Heidi Bears designs. I however wanted to use the pattern in a blanket.



How many do I need? Don’t know and I’m not going to worry or think about it.  How big they are both going to be is well…….er. …not decided as yet but possibly single bed size minimum.  After all I’m a lass who thinks big…..Sometimes too big 😉

Keep an eye out on the progress 🙂


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