Simplicity is being me.

It’s important that we spend time finding out who we are in Christ.

I should spend more time doing this!

Thank you to Alienhippy for reminding me of a few things. Xx

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Photo taken with my mobile

Being Still, making the time to find who I am in Christ, “Listening through the Loops” that are constantly cycling in my head from the hectic run of life. Being Still is something that I really need. I’ve come to realise that I’m not made to be constantly stressed, I don’t work well when my mind is constantly looping with emotional overload or any form of anxiety.

I sometimes find myself filling all the gaps in life with things that don’t really need to be there. I try to avoid all the silent moments and it’s almost like I’m afraid to not keep busy. It’s only when I actually make myself stop, be still, ponder and reflect that then I see clearly. I see that I can sometimes add worries and stress and make myself a lovely lot of my own confusion.

I wrote a…

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This picture tells a story


Okay so the picture shows the remnants of my baking today.  I have been busy making cakes for an event this weekend.  I live in a terrace and the kitchen is a galley one. We are doing a lot of work in the garden and replacing the fence with help from the neighbours.

When hubby came back from work this morning (he’s on early shift this week) he got changed and went out into the back garden. This meant he had to pass me whilst I’m in the kitchen making the cakes. Back and forth. 

I had finished one batch and was in the middle of the second batch. Since I’m baking for an event I was doubling up the amounts of ingredients.  I was in the middle of counting out the amount when he came in and asked me to do something.  “I can’t now!” Was my response “I’m in the middle of baking”

This interruption rattled me. Everything then seemed to go wrong. I ended up putting in too much mixed spice into the mix. Also the mixture seemed very stiff. Why? I was trying to work out.  My anger was bristling.  I was working out what to say to him if he interrupted me again. The cakes went into the oven and I heard the door open.

“You’ve been productive! :)” Hubby says. Grrr!  Is my response.  He then starts saying how clever I am, how wonderful and beautiful I am. How glad he’s married me. My anger evaporated and I don’t do anger well I get very weepy.  So my tears start falling and he gives me a big hug and a kiss.

“I’ve made a mess and it’s gone wrong” I wail.

“It’s okay.  I know you do the muppet Swedish Chef thing. I’m sure the cakes will be alright”. He reassures me some more before going back out the door.

I clean up and making a brew for us all. Later on after the cakes have cooled I cut us both a piece.  “It’s very crumbly” I comment. “It is a bit” he agrees “but it’s delicious” As we talk about where the cake has gone wrong I realised I miss counted the eggs. I needed two extra.

He apologises for disturbing me.  I thank him for his kind loving words and that’s what this picture reminds me of.