Simplicity is being me.

It’s important that we spend time finding out who we are in Christ.

I should spend more time doing this!

Thank you to Alienhippy for reminding me of a few things. Xx

Alienhippy's Blog

Photo taken with my mobile

Being Still, making the time to find who I am in Christ, โ€œListening through the Loopsโ€ that are constantly cycling in my head from the hectic run of life. Being Still is something that I really need. Iโ€™ve come to realise that Iโ€™m not made to be constantly stressed, I donโ€™t work well when my mind is constantly looping with emotional overload or any form of anxiety.

I sometimes find myself filling all the gaps in life with things that donโ€™t really need to be there. I try to avoid all the silent moments and itโ€™s almost like Iโ€™m afraid to not keep busy. Itโ€™s only when I actually make myself stop, be still, ponder and reflect that then I see clearly. I see that I can sometimes add worries and stress and make myself a lovely lot of my own confusion.

I wrote aโ€ฆ

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