Bramble and Vanilla Cordial

Bramble and Vanilla Cordial

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I love following cookery blogs πŸ™‚ Blackberries are just about coming into season. I’ve never tried making cordial but I’m going to put it  onto I must try this list πŸ˜‰


There’s no plan B

At the church that I attend regularly there is no minister.  It’s been that way for about 4 years now. However what it has given opportunity for is that we get different preachers each week.  We do have a few regular ones and today at church we were blessed to have Steve preach at church.

I love his services. He chooses hymns that are slightly different and he always brings his guitar.  However it’s his sermons that always get me thinking and often for days afterwards I’m still pondering what he said.

Today’s topic “There is only plan A”.  Focusing on Matthew 5 13-16  in these verses Jesus reminds me that I am the light of the world.  I reflect the light. When God made me He made me perfect as part of His plan.  Therefore there is no plan B. Just plan A.

The words were very powerful.  It’s given me many thoughts that I will write down in my personal journal over the next few days.

If you went to church today what was your sermon about?