How to look back with a smile :)


This I borrowed from Facebook off a page called “Anxiety and I”.

This time last year I heard about the jar and created my own. Due to hubby’s work commitments over the New Year we sat down yesterday evening in front of my mum and dad and opened the jar. At the top hubby had left a special piece of paper thanking me for a very special Christmas time. I have kept that one.

The others we opened together one by one and it made us remember all the happy times – some of which we forgot. Stories were swapped as we laughed together and reminiscence the past year.

The jar is now empty ready to be filled with memories of this coming year (don’t worry a piece of paper will go in for yesterday). If you are going through a bit of a tough time at present I urge you to find a jar, label it and on pieces of paper write every good thing that happens to you or your loved ones over the next year. So this time next year you can remember how awesome 2016 was no matter what life throws at you!

Blessings 🙂


One thought on “How to look back with a smile :)

  1. I do this! I took a huge old pickle jar and painted little pictures on it of things that bring happiness, like flowers and gardens and cats and birds and butterflies. So the jar is fun to look at even empty. I find in tough years the biggest challenge is to actually write down the experiences as they happen. This year I’m hoping to make a weekly or even daily practice, like journaling.

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