Circles of friends

The first day of the 40 acts “do lent generously” focuses on the friends and people that you have in your life and the circles that they are in.


As you can see the first thing it says is sketch out your circles, see where they cross and encourages you over the next 40 days to pray for those who God has placed in your life.

I know lots of people through my work and my hobbies. God has placed people in my life for very many different reasons.

Last year before I went to Cherish I read “Identity” by Charlotte Gambill In this book it talks about the type of people in your life, but gives advice on who to choose to walk along your path of life.

Before you form a new relational connection, stop and think how it will grow your life, what its purpose is and whether it will help you discover more about who you really are

Each person God places in my life helps me to grow.  I pray that I help them to grow and learn more about themselves even if they are present in my life for a brief period. 

However the book also focuses on trimming and pruning these relationships.  After I finished the book I did a friend audit on Facebook and had a cull. Those who are left are the ones that are currently travelling along with me.

There is if you look for it advice on the type of people you should have in your life and the type of friendships you should have.  A best friendship takes time to develop and nurture.

The gift of friendship is simply showing kindness to those who are placed on your path. By doing this you are growing yourself and building up others around you. You create a ripple and this can stretch out wide.

Whatever your beliefs are look for ways in which you can extend the gift of friendship to those who you meet over the next few days. Who knows where it may lead.

Blessings 🙂


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