Dear Reader
One of the greatest things that hubby ever won in a raffle was a DAB Radio (2nd place is the slow cooker). Since then my radio has been tuned into UCB.

I love listening to Bob Gass in the morning.   It somehow sets me up for the day. Today’s one was of particular interest to me.  Everyone can relate to this.

Whatever you concentrate on, you give strength and momentum to. Your priorities determine how you spend your time, so set them prayerfully and maintain them carefully.

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This time last week I was in sunny Malaga with the girls.  It was my first proper girlie weekend and I had a great time! I can highly recommend Malaga for a weekend in the sun.

We had a great time walking around the city. There is so much to see and do. The architecture is beautiful. I love the gardens and park area around the harbour.


Gluten free wise I managed OK. I had printed off a sheet in Spanish that explained Coeliac Disease. I got it from here There was one place that then presumed I couldn’t eat potatoes but we managed to get the waitress to understand that I could have Spanish Omelette.  The sauce it came with I couldn’t have it due to gluten. I had done some research on restaurants before hand using this guide and we visited one of the restaurants mentioned.

Pizzeria Romolo y Remo didn’t have an actual menu as such. In our Fritspanglish – a language that we made up using French, Italian, Spanish and English – (honest we did have a phrase book but that wasn’t much use) we managed to understand that they had 3 pasta sauces that were gluten free. I was quite reassured as I heard the waitress remind the chef cooking several times that it was a gluten free dish.

Allergen information was a bit hit and miss but the winners were an ice cream company called Conico as they had clear labels on all their ice cream that had allergens in them and the menu at La Plaza Alcazabilla had clear allergen information on it.  This also made it easy to order what I wanted!

What surprised me was the amount of gluten free stuff in the supermarket.  It would be very easy to stay self catering as the supermarket had bread and pasta. They also had lots of nice cakes and biscuits that I’ve not seen before.


This was my little haul πŸ™‚

I had a great trip and would definitely go back there πŸ™‚

There’s not many days

When something happens in this world and you know exactly what you were doing.  Tomorrow sees the 20th anniversary of the Dunblane School Massacre. You can read a news report of people’s memories here

So dear reader what was I doing on that day?  I was a trainee teacher and teaching Reception the same age as the children who lost their lives.  You can read about it more here

They would now be adults. I spent a few moments thinking about what they might be doing now after all a former pupil is doing rather well. Andy Murray attended the school and it affected him deeply.

I can remember at the time crying down the phone to my mum over what if it had been my school. It’s the what ifs that always troubles us but we should not let that hold us back. We should use things that happen to motivate us to do better.

If you are reading this please take a moment to pray for the people of Dunblane. I for one will keep them in my prayers.

Had to share

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and as you know dear reader it’s not my most favourite day of the year.

I tried so hard to stay away from Social Media and other things till today. However the celebrations are carrying on. One of my friends posted this on Facebook and I had to share.

This is for you if you are like me and are not a mother.