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Tonight hubby and I did a destination draw for our holidays next year. His holidays are fixed due to the nature of his job and today he got his dates. Since we can’t decide where to go we went for the draw.

So next year’s locations have been decided. I’m praying to God to budget for this.   The passport may not get stamped but will be used.

I came across this blog this evening….it seems apt.


The Dangers of Wanderlust –


On being an adult

Adulting is one of the words of 2016. It means to do grown up things.  A few adults I know use this word to refer to things that they hate doing but have to do or have done something new and impressive.  What  things do you class as adulting?

Blessings 🙂

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With the first Sunday of Advent today I’m making a start on cards and wrapping presents. Now as you know beautiful I often slip in knitted gifts but not this year….much to the disappointment of some. However if you are a knitter beautiful and are tempted by some last minute knitting  (nope not me….too much on the pins already) here is a little inspiration.

Blessings 🙂

25 Advent Scarf Patterns to Knit in time for Christmas –

Thanksgiving thoughts 

Beautiful for Americans today is Thanksgiving. Us Brits don’t celebrate this holiday but that doesn’t mean that we don’t give thanks.

Yesterday hubby had a major operation on his nose and due to have reconstruction on Monday. When he got there he found out that Monday’s operation would not go ahead. The surgeon has patched hubby up the best he can.

Every night we say prayers and often thank God for the things that the day has brought. Last night hubby actually thanked that Monday’s operation had been cancelled. I know beautiful this sounds a bit strange but it meant for him no general anesthetic which have it’s own side effects and no extra pain. 

Today beautiful what small things are you thankful for?

Sugar coating life

Beautiful I find sometimes well a lot that the trouble with blogs is that so much stuff gets sugar coated. I’ve probably done it on here…..but lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should keep it a bit more real.

As you know beautiful I subscribe to a few blogs.  Over the past year I’ve unsubscribe from some of them and I’ll explain why. The theme for this year is journey so as I’ve delved into myself and through my searching I’ve realised a few things. However before I share that and the blog post that caught my eye that started a thought process we have to go back a bit.

Almost seven years ago hubby’s health took a bit of a major wobble. A lump was discovered within his brain. We didn’t know what would happen. During that time I went deep into my faith and within some areas that I had been exploring with God doors became open. 

As part of that journey I decided that I should try and be the best wife I could be. So I explored blogs written by Christian Women to gleam answers.  A lot of these were written by women  living in the USA. Now beautiful if you are American and reading this please do not be offended by the next few lines. This is how this English woman saw them. The blogs were full of white dazzling smiles, white picket fences, roses around the door with meatloaf and apple pie for dinner. Everything was glossy! Everything was perfect from the way they served God to how well the kids were doing at school. Something to aspire to…. or something to be envious of? 

Now IMHO the hardest commandment is Thou shall not covet, but in some way I did covet that type of life. Over the past couple of years I found that a lot of these blogs were fuel for my depression and anxiety. OK so there are many triggers but the idea is not to feed them.

There was no point in coveting that life. My life was never going to be like that. Never. Ever. That is not my path. So I took the decision to unsubscribe from many of them.

This blog TBH I hadn’t paid much attention to as nearly every post that I was emailed focused on different studies from the Bible. Please understand beautiful I’m not disrespecting the writer of the blog but I did find that this blog was a bit sickly sweet, but due to the Bible Study (note I never have time to follow) I kept the subscription. Then last week in some respects the sugar got dusted off. This post became real even though within it there’s a testimonial. 

As you know beautiful Hubby is still here. There’s is not much they can do for the lump.  The lump is very slow growing. He can still work and it doesn’t interfere with the way we live.

One of the things I’m going to try and do is be more honest with the blog and my thoughts. Hopefully beautiful you’ll understand and carry on this journey with me.

Blessings xx