Happy New Year!

So beautiful we are now in a brand new year! 2017 started with hubby and I spending time with friends from church.

Last year I had a word for the year. The word was Journey. It was about travel but also about learning more about me and God. I learnt more about my anxiety and depression and it’s triggers.  This meant that near the end of the year I had to make a few lifestyle changes.

In order to continue to make further changes this year’s word is MUSCLE. To stretch it, to flex it and to develop it. Yes there is an element of health to it with slimming down and becoming fitter but the main thing is remaining strong in my conviction of what I want to achieve.

So far 3 days in. I’m trying to be positive over things and making small baby steps.  We have a full year ahead and I’m going to do my best to make it awesome!

Blessings 🙂


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