To blog or not to blog? Or what have I learnt over Lent?

On Ash Wednesday I made the point of finding something each day to be thankful for and to blog about it.  Yes I learnt to be more grateful, but my attitude about the blog was challenged. Did I like the layout?  What would I change?  What is it’s purpose? I did have the some of the  same thoughts as Kate over on Woolwinding

(apologies for some reason I can’t do links presently!).

Was my blog getting anymore readers?  Is this imporatnt you ask dear reader? Well on some days there is only one – my mum but then aren’t mums supposed to be nosey and your biggest cheer leader in life? In my opinion yes and mum I’m grateful that you read it – I love you lots! x

Should I be worried about the lack of readers?

I came across this article which I found very interesting

in it he mentions this article here:

So is my blog relevant?  What is my writing voice?  How would I describe me? More importantly how do others describe me?  How they would describe me is how they see me – a few of their words I guess would be generous, loving, quirky.  So is that me?  Well yes to a degree and the better side of me but does the blog reflect that?  I’m not sure.

Is it important though?  Well we only get one life and we need to spend it in the best way we can.  For me that is doing things that I love to do.  I found the app really useful during Lent as it allowed me to blog every day.  Now that Lent is over I may not blog every day but I will still share with you moments of my life.  I hope I can still remain a little bit of an enigma, after all I have many varied interests that I feel it’s hard to put me into a box.  Maybe that is my problem – there is no direction to the blog.

However by having no direction I can share with you my thoughts that will let you question how you see things. Somewhere on this journey we will connect and find a common ground.

I’ve made a few changes and I hope you like them  – the layout, the header and the about me.  There is still twitter.  There is a signup which I hope more will use.  I’ve updated the blog roll – I will make a point every so often to check the links to see if it is wrking and that they are up-to-date.  I’ve found that there is a trap with blogs – they get started but not up dated – I know that life gets in the way!

A blog is a diary it tells the world the story of your life.  This is mine.  Thank you for reading.

Blessings! 😀 x x Ali