Cherish 2016

The light which I carry is not my light; the song I sing is not my song. It is the light of God, the song of the Lord.


Dear reader

I’ve recently come back from Cherish. A Christian Women’s Conference organised by Life Church, Bradford.

7,000 women were there at the Leeds Arena. The theme was “Light up the Sky”. I found the whole experience uplifting and affirming, as well as meeting some fantastic beautiful ladies.

The quote above this post is a reminder for you and me to shine as a light to others to show one another the light of God.

Blessings 😀


Counting down

Dear Reader

It seems so long ago when I first signed up for this but now there is 17 sleeps left to go! 17 sleeps before I head back up north and experience the Cherish Conference – EXCITED is not the word!

It’s been an aim of mine to attend for the past couple of years. Last year I decided that this year would be the year I go as part of my *cough* birthday celebrations (it ends in an 0).  The theme this year is Known.

It seems perfectly apt for me at the moment with things that I’m going through.  Some things that I’m relearning about me and some things that I’m discovering about me. Slowly but surely changes are happening.

As part of the bumph that came through has a countdown in it. Today’s thing to do  is to read the article “Know Him” that is in the brochure. I took it with me to read on the bus.

In the opening letter there is a line that really speaks to me:

Known not just for who we presently are but also for who we are becoming

Charlotte Gambill

For who we are becoming.  Every day God is shaping me and refining me. My prayer for Cherish is that I receive clear direction where my life is going and what my role is in life. With my birthday coming up I see it as a shift. I need to find out who I am. I need to know who me is. So here begins my journey. 

Blessings x