Shoebox Sunday

As the second entry to NaBloPoMo I’ve decided to write about Shoebox Sunday. The shoebox appeal or Operation Christmas Child as it is known is run by Samaritans Purse. The idea is that you take an old shoebox and fill it with goodies that then gets given to a child abroad who is in need. Yes there is an element of evangelism to it as the child does receive a booklet explaining the meaning of Christmas. 

I see this as an opportunity to give someone a gift that words can never explain.  I will never see these children’s smiles or hear their thank yous. What I have is the knowledge that I have touched their lives through something so small but for them is huge. They will know that someone cares just from those small gifts.



Blessings 🙂


Merry CHRISTmas! :D

I subscribe to This Day’s Thought  and the other day they sent a message which reads:

There was a gift for each of us left under the tree of life 2000 years ago by Him whose birthday we celebrate today.  The gift was withheld from no man.  Some have left the packages unclaimed.  Some have accepted the gift and carried it around, but have failed to remove the wrappings and look inside to discover the hidden splendor.  The packages are all alike:  In each is a scroll on which is written, “All that the Father hath is thine.”  Take and live!


I think it’s very adapt and invite you to untie the gifts God gives you and enjoy this Christmas!