#glutenfree Ramsgate and Margate 

So dear Reader every so often I have to go and see the sea.  Hubby wanted to go to Dreamland in Margate after fond memories as a child and well I wanted to see the sea.  

We had planned on staying in Margate but when we went to book our accommodation about a month ago there were no rooms.  So we ended up staying here  in Ramsgate.  Although they do offer evening meals hubby had done some digging of where I could eat gluten free and found alternatives.  The hotel please note do have gluten free bread for toast at breakfast.

So that left finding food in Margate. Well there’s not much choice in Margate but I did find Proper Coffee House for coffee, cake and a sandwich.  The choice is limited but I enjoyed the cakes and toastie that I had.

Excuse the shadow! 

In Dreamland there are food outlets and My Little Green Box does have gluten free options but note no separate preparation area if you are sensitive to cross contamination.

So for evening meal it was back to Ramsgate. One meal at Pizza Express…… and the other at Shakey Shakey for Fish and Chips.  This is a family run place where everything is home made and to order.

So when I arrived in asked to see the menu thinking maybe it will be just fish and chips but reader wait for this… you know how some places put the menu on the wall? Well

Yes all of that is gluten free….. yep all of it…..😁😁😁😁

So what to have?   Decisions. Decisions. In the end I opted for Veggie Spring roll which wasn’t like the Chinese version more of a vegetable cake/pattie but roll shaped and a side of onion rings.  Yep I also had fish and chips but had a child’s portion after I was advised by the lovely lady who served me.

Yes that’s a child portion. The portions are generous! The tartar sauce is homemade and gluten free. There is gluten free vinegar and in the tub at the side a gluten free version of Shakey Shakey a herb/spice mix.

There is a separate fryer and preparation area so there is no risk of cross contamination.  The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. Definitely 5 stars!

Loved eating there 😋😋 Definitely planning on going back when I’m next down that way in September.

If you are ever down that way please go and say Hi and eat some chips 😁



Gluten free round up

As you know I’m a Coeliac and have been all my life. I like sharing things that I find. I’m really loving Marks and Spencer at the moment!  They’ve got some fabulous products.  My recent finds from there includes quiche, carrot cake,  meatballs and my ultimate fav at the moment Scotch Eggs! 😀

(I know not very good for the diet)

The other day I had to pop round to a friend’s house in Shirley,  Solihull.  Due to timings I decided that it would be best to grab some food along the way.  In the new Parkgate Development a bar/restaurant called Desco Lounge has opened. It’s part of The Lounge chain. I’ve been to the one in Kings Heath and knew that they had a Gluten free menu.  I was very impressed by the choice of meals on offer. I decided to go for the falafel burger. This was served in a gluten free bun 🙂 Happy was I 🙂

Christmas will soon be here and in Starbucks it has already arrived.  I popped in the one in Solihull as I needed a sandwich for lunch. I was hoping to pickup one of their veggie wraps but saw that they had brought out this.


Yep you did read with stuffing! 🙂
This was scrummy 🙂 Very pleased with this addition to their range.

So there’s my round up. If you are a Coeliac and are reading this what finds have you found recently?

Recipe 3/52 #glutenfree #porkpie

Dear reader as you know I’ve been a Coeliac all my life so I don’t have the problem of trying to find a gluten-free alternative to foods that I can’t have. Those who have had a diagnosis in later life or have given up wheat for health benefits often complain about missing certain foods. It was a conversation that I had with a colleague over this matter that became the inspiration for making a Pork Pie.

My colleague had given up wheat and had found she was so much better for it. However over the Christmas period she had felt unwell due to eating some of her favourite foods such as sausage rolls and Pork pie. I mentioned that Dietary Specialist made Sausage rolls that could be purchased from a nearby supermarket.

“But what about the Pork Pie” she said. Good point. I had never seen one for sale anywhere.
“There must be a recipe somewhere.” I said. Those around commented that Hot Water Pastry was difficult to make and notoriously hard to handle. I had seen plenty of Great British Bake Offs to know that. But a challenge is a challenge and by that point I had promised to make one.

So with all of this in mind I gave all of yesterday to the devotion of making Pork Pie. The recipe can be found here and although it uses Glutafin flour I used my prescription Juvela flour with I think not bad result.

I tried so hard not to imagine Paul Hollywood breathing down my neck or his blue eyes quizzing the way I went about making it. I followed the recipe one step at a time and only squealed when the hot fat and water mixture bubbled a bit too much. The dough took awhile to come together and I did have to add a little extra hot water to make it bind.


I had made triple of the recipe so I could make a larger one for OH and me to share. I had to use my food processor to blitz the pork and seasoning together.


Here it is about to go into the oven.


And this what it looks like after it comes out!


I found the process relatively easy. The only real problem I had was with the jelly. It didn’t work too good on the bigger one. I’m not sure about the smaller one as that is now in the possession of my colleague.

The taste of the bigger one was delicious and yep if Paul Hollywood was around I would offer him a piece to try. That’s how pleased I am with the result!

Blessings! 😀

#gluten-free food and on being a #coeliac

As many of you know I am a Coeliac, which means I can’t eat gluten and have to stick to a gluten-free diet.

I was diagnosed as a very small child so I’ve been living with this condition all my life. Although there have been many times that this has caused me much annoyance like when you go out for a meal and the only dessert you can have is an ice-cream and everyone around you is tucking into Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake – that.

I am grateful for the leaps and bounds that have been made in producing more and more gluten-free food and that we’ve moved away from the bread in tins to fresh buy off the shelf type bread (the only freshest bread is the stuff you make yourself).

I know I’ve harped on about it but as I tuck into a gluten-free chocolate covered digestive on the bus on my way to Zumba I do give a lick of the lips of thanks!

Blessings! 😀

A bit of a foodie weekend

This weekend is a bit of a long one so I’ve made the most of it by doing a spot of food shopping.  Today I went to Kings Heath Farmer’s Market.  I brought some Pork Pie and cheese for Christmas.  One of the cheese is really interesting it’s a type of blue cheese but it tastes a lot nicer.  I’m not a fan of blue cheese so for me to say it tastes nice must mean it’s winner!

Whilst I was there I popped into the church hall as there was a craft fair.  I picked up a wicked present for my husband.  I so hope he loves it.  If he does I will let you all know after Christmas so the word can be spread!

With the NEC just down the road it’s a it rude not to try and visit it once in awhile.  So yesterday I went down to the BBC Good Food Show.  I like looking around and discovering new things.  Yesterday I found a cracking find! I’m so happy about this that I’m blogging about it!  Even though I only have one subscribed reader – who already knows I still want to tell the world!  Hopefully others may stumble over it and will also have their lives change.

One of things I don’t drink is beer.  With the standard brewing process involving wheat and barley, which contains gluten, beer is a no no for anyone who has Coeliac disease.  It is the one thing that older diagnosed Coeliacs say that they miss.

As I was wondering around the NEC, as you do, I saw a sign. A big sign, a big sign with a crossed grain symbol in it.  Now if you are a Coeliac at this point your heart starts to race and excitement starts to brew and bubble up inside.  The symbol means that you can eat or drink it.  With the words beer added on to it well I just had to try.  Now with gluten-free beers the general thing is that they taste ….well…. like dirty dishwater is probably putting it polite.  So I decided not to get my hopes up over it.  One taste though and you know what it actually tastes of something.  It actually tastes like beer!  It’s called Crop Circle and its made by Hopback. You can order it online.  I’ve brought three bottles and I know I will be ordering more!

One of the things I like doing at the show is going to see demos. I find it interesting as you can pick up some tips.  It’s also great to see chefs and bakers at work in the flesh rather than on TV.  I had great fun watching Brian Turner make a variety of dishes “Ready, Steady, Cook” style all under twenty minutes with some ingredients given by local produce stands there at the show.  He was also selling such a wee cute cook book called “Tweet Pie” in association with Belling and raising money for the Anthony Nolan Trust.  It is a recipe book that is written as a tweet therefore each one is less than 140 characters and can be tweeted out to your followers.  The other great thing about it is that it is so small it can fit into your handbag! As a woman that makes me very happy!

Belling are celebrating 100 years in the business.  They had a cake sculpture made to celebrate it.  I think it is fantastic!  I had to photograph it!  Enjoy the pics! Blessings! 😀