Recipe 1/52

As my challenge states a new recipe each week!

About ten years ago I lost a lot of weight through Weight Watchers. Over the years most of the weight has crept back on. However I’m doing my best to lose some of it again. I know that exercise is my biggest aid to my weight loss but healthy eating also helps. So with these thoughts in mind I decided to go through my Weight Watcher Cookbooks. In their “Time to Eat” there is a recipe for Curried Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup. I’ve never cooked with Sweet Potatoes so I thought that this would be a good thing to learn how to cook as part of my challenge. Unfortunately the supermarket I went to had no Sweet Potatoes but the recipe states that Parsnips can be used as an alternative and good news they are bang in season!


All chopped up in the pot and whilst it cooked I took down some more Christmas Decorations. After about 25 mins I blitzed the soup until smooth and served it with a sprinkle of Coriander as it suggests and some Parsnip Crisps that we had left over.


The result …. Well Hubby says I can make it again and it’s a shame that Parsnips are only here for a short season. So a big thumbs up from him and from me? Well there’s some left over for tomorrow’s lunch and with a planned back on the wagon approach it’s a big thumbs up from me too! 😀

Blessings! 😀



Although it’s a bit late in the season I am making Strawberry and Goosegog jam – except it’s more Goosegog as in my part of the world there has been a rush on Strawberries. According to the shop assistant “it’s a bank holiday you know!”

Yes I do hence why I have time to make the jam!

Every time I make this jam I end up remembering my Grandma. I’ve probably blogged about this before but I’ll type it anyway!

The recipe is in my grandma’s copy of Mrs Beeton. When she died I inheriated it. She always had a pot of this jam in the house and when I got into jam making I wanted to make it. Of course where was the recipe? She sadly wasn’t around to ask but one day whilst flipping through the book I came across it. I cannot tell you how happy it made me feel!

The inscription always make me smile. My Grandma was a fabulous cook and this book was given to her one Christmas by my Grandad. It says simply “Joan Xmas 1973 Frank” nothing more. No love, no kisses. There is love though – love spread through food, love through the time and making of it, a way of showing love to others. A way of me today to say to her up in heaven I still love you and think of you often. I’m sure if she was still here she would pass on some tips.

Maybe one day when I’ve developed a few of my own I’ll pass them onto you dear reader.

However time is short and the jam needs my attention so I’d better get back to it! 😀


My weekend

So here we are on a bright sunny Monday morning in Brum!  Hope you’ve all had a good weekend.  Mine’s been a productive one – did some housework, did some shopping, meet some friends, did some knitting and cooking – overall had a geat time!


I managed to finish the shawl I’ve been working on for my sister’s brithday present – it helped that it was the only project I took to the SnB on Saturday!  It meant that I could then re-cast on the shawl I’m making for my MIL for Chirstmas (I’ve tried several patterns but kept on frogging it!) and start (which I’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks and getting really excited about!) these:

Note pattern can be found on too!

I love sock yarn but get bored of making socks – I know they are quick but I get bored of going round in circles!  I know you can make other stuff with sock yarn – like the sock yarn blanket that several of my knitting friends are doing – I’m sort of taking the principle to make a bag out of yarn – when I get round to casting on the project all will become clear on here!  The reason why I wanted to do the Ballet School Dropout Sockettes was because on my birthday I developed some horrible blisters – I so didn’t moan about the pain because I had a FAB FAB FAB time on my birthday (I went to Leeds Kitchen!! =D)  There was one on each foot – blister plasters helped one but not the other ouch!  So since it’s still been warm and I’ve been alternating between crocs and fitflops I felt I needed a little something to protect my feet on the croc days.  I found deep in the back of my drawer some trainer socks and it got me thinking maybe I could see about buying some….. then hang on I’m a knitter surely I could make some?!  So there’s the story and so far the pattern is going good – hopefully I’ll have the pair finished by the end of the week since I’m planning on going to 2 knit nights this week!


I also got excited by cooking this weekend.  I collect cookbooks – I have a small shelving area in the Kitchen filled with them and my own notebooks – some have even managed to start living in the lounge, a couple that I don’t use that often live in the spare room and the Nigella Christmas one lives by my bed (not sure why).  I love cooking but only when I have the time – this weekend I got myself reasonably organised and managed to cook 2 dishes from 2 different cookbooks.

On Saturday I cooked “One-Pot Tomato Stew with pork meatballs, Chorizo and white beans” taken from Economy Gastronomy by Allergra McEvedy and Paul Merrett.  The recipe is actually by Paul and I loved it when he said pour two galsses of wine – one for the pot and one for the cook!  It reminded me of the late and great Keith Floyd and made me smile!  The recipe itself went well I had to do a bit of make do – no chilli flakes in the house so I used tabasco sauce and no ground cumin in the house so I bashed down some cumin seeds – still it worked well and there was plenty leftover to plonk in the freezer for another day!


On Sunday I made “Liver and Onion Yorkshire Pud” taken from Delia’s Frugal Food by (of course) Delia Smith.  Hubby loves liver, me I’m not a big fan (I am one of the kids who got traumatised by it through school dinners) but to wrap it in the Food of Angels?  Well I had to have a go!  I admit I didn’t use Delia’s pudding mix as such.  I’m a Coeliac and require a gluten-free diet.  I also had a hard time making Yorkshire Puddings – which as you can guess for a lass from Leeds was a bit of a no-no and made me feel like a failure….. that was untill I tried James Martin’s recipe – yes I know it uses a lot of eggs but IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! Which makes this lass SMILE!!! =) And to feel like she’s a proper Yorkshire lass even though she’s not living there.    Hubby approved of the dish – he even managed to take some off my plate – me I actually enjoyed it – the liver was so soft melt in your mouth way – so I guess result!


End of Sunday always leads to Monday morning but each day is a new gift and it’s up to us to use it wisely – so I’d better sign off  (I sort of promised to do the vacumming before I start work)!  Have a great day!