No more IOU knitting

Christmas may seem a while ago now but to get all the Christmas gifts done in time some of the I promise knitting became IOU.

Thankfully they are all finished πŸ™‚ Although they have been a joy to make I really don’t want to be on a timer or have deadlines any more. This is because I have other crafts I want to do. I also have a pile of books I want to read πŸ™‚

Here are a few pictures of the things that I’ve recently made.



The above 2 are bits of baby knitting for a colleague who has recently given birth. 


This is another piece that I was asked to make. Luckily it was finished in time for the person’s birthday.



I also finished for me a crochet poncho. I got the idea from this blog Knitting it was taking too long so I decided to crochet it instead.

I’m now onto socks. This is my travelling project. For home I’m working on finishing another project.

What are you working on?


One of my projects!

At Christmas I got given a Dolls House kit to turn into a station based on the Welsh Highland Railway to go with hubby’s model railway. Today I made a start on putting it together. Sometimes I wish I was an octopus! I could have done with the extra hand!

Anyway here is the progress so far!

The garden:


The station: