A kind of “Make do & mend” dessert

You know how it is you come back from holiday and you think to yourself well what have we got to eat? This was the dilemma I had this morning. Knowing that there wouldn’t be much fresh stuff in the supermarkets I decided to delve deep into the back of the cupboards to see what I could find.

What I found was remnants of last year’s Christmas Hamper! This included the following “need to eat to save it’s life” a tin of peaches, a tin of custard and a tin of evaporated milk. I’m not a fan of evaporated milk so I decided to see what recipes I could find to make a dessert. I came across this which I thought sounded nice.  I had to go to the supermarket to get milk anyway for my coffee and I added eggs to the list.

So later on I dug out one of my trifle bowls and got to work.  I drained off the juice from the peaches and placed in the bowl.  I used the evaporated milk to make up the sauce (see link above) and placed on top of the peaches.  Next I opened the custard and poured that on top, plus spirnkles to make it pretty!

So out of nothing came this sweet dessert: