I read via Facebook that here in the UK Domino pizzas were introducing gluten-free pizzas. So after a busy day today the last thing I felt like doing was cooking! Especially when it is cold and wet!

My local supermarket giant usually has a selection of gluten-free pizzas but with Christmas around the corner space is at a premium and thus the range has been diminished. However I physically pass the pizza place on my way home so I popped my head around the door – a first! I asked do you have gluten-free pizzas? You want six pizzas? Erm no I want a gluten-free one you know with no wheat? You’ve started doing them! I’ll check with the boss. Yes we do – what would you like?

After a bit of negotiation and me getting them to understand that I also wanted a pepperoni pizza, which yes I know it’s got wheat in but it is for my husband, the pizza was ordered!

So my thoughts? Very tasty and it wasn’t that expensive. So as a treat I will be ordering again! Result! So thanks Dominos for jumping on the band wagon and ten out of ten for having a list of toppings which are suitable (although I can’t understand why mushrooms aren’t gluten-free). Keep up the good work!

One happy Coeliac lass. X x x