Ash Wednesday

Lots have been happening since I last blogged.  Unfortunately hubby went a bit poorly so I was caught up in that.  He is now well again – Thank you Lord!  I’ve also been busy knitting, getting things off the pins ready for my Lenten knitting project.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.  Yesterday I had pancakes and this morning I went to church to get my splodge on my head.  The splodge is a cross made out of ash that the priest places on your forehead.  I was brought up Catholic and although today (apparently – I always thought it was) is not a Holy Day of Obligation (where you are supposed to go to church) it is a day I do go to church (although you’ll find me at various ones on a Sunday).  It is also a time to think about what to do or give up.

Last year I read about a small charity called the Ruth Mailbag part of their work in Ladysmith, South Africa is working with a hospital providing baby clothing to new mothers.  The story I read explained how that the mothers were so poor that often babies were taken home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper.  It just broke my heart.  The charity can only deal with items being donated to them.  Last year when I heard about this I had to do something so I decided that with postage being so expensive small items would be better.  So all through Lent I knitted booties and this year I will be doing the same.  I’ve even got a project bag ready with yarn, needles, pattern and notions.

I discovered recently that Cafod are being matched £ for £ by the UK government during Lent so I urge you to spread the word if reading this.  I’m planning on making a donation!

I’m also looking at doing this: – It’s good to do something positive about Lent.

I will also be reading a book called “The Barefoot Disciple” by Stephen Cherry.

Lent is supposed to be a time of renewal.  Reshaping our hearts and minds to be more like Christ after all God is the potter we are the clay.  So with this in mind I’ve decided that “The Thing” (really they are called Lenten Promises – but I broke it first off this morning!)  I’m going to do is to say grace before eating.  We do try and say grace before our Sunday Lunch and then forget about it during the week.  All gifts come from God of which we should be thankful.  So I’m giving it a strong go……… although how I will tackle a bag of sweets I’m not sure…… I mean are you supposed to say grace before eating each sweet or before you open the bag?