Double for your trouble (and on feeding Herman)

“Double for your trouble” is a phrase that Joyce Meyer often uses.  The theme often crops up in the Bible.  It is a phrase that I hold onto and focus on when I am down.  My own eyes have seen that God will work wonders and will give out a double blessing.  A dear lady I know gave birth to twin boys after receiving IVF treatment. They were born very prematurely.

Now I am not here to discuss the matter of IVF whether I think it is right or wrong. After all my beloved niece was conceived in this way and so where the two twins – all of which are both big blessings in their parents eyes.  Yes IVF can be seen as a miracle cure for those who are unable to have children but the process is an emotional roller coaster with more lows than highs.  Yes IVF could help in my situation but we would have to have PGD IVF a step after much discussion, prayer and thought my husband and I decided that it was a step too far as we would actually be playing God in His role of giving and of taking life.

I am here to mention one of my knitting projects.  They were born so prematurely that the odds of them pulling through was slim, but I and a few of my friends prayed and prayed and prayed; and they did pull through – they even made it home before their actual due date!  Although they were home they were not out of the woods so I waited till a couple of weeks ago when I heard very positive news about their progress before taking up the pins and knitting them a little something:


Double for your trouble

Another one of my friends is delivering them to her on my behalf.  I’m sure they will look adorable in them!

I’ve started knitting berets after I decided that I needed another one.  The pattern I chose knitted up so quickly and didn’t take up much yarn that I’m knitting up a few more (in order to use up the yarn – new year’s resolution) and I’m going to give them to another one of my friends who knits for the Big Issue.

Today I had to feed Herman my German friendship sourdough starter. Since today was Monday, Monday had to be a bad start – morning was busy and by the time lunchtime came my patience was a tad on the thin side – and I had to go out and buy Herman some flour. Now me being a Coeliac I was a bit apprehensive about buying flour.  You see I’ve never ever had to do that before.  If I want flour I just fill in my prescription stating if I want brown or white flour, take it to the chemist who takes it to the doctors who gives it back to the chemist who then orders it and I then go and pick up my order about a week later and hey presto! I have flour.  So off I go to the supermarket and discovered that there was only a bay and half of flour to go through.  So not that many then!  First bay of shelves were all Strong White Flour and Wholemeal Flour all by different brands – what is the difference (bar price) between the different brands?  Flour is flour surely?  Just brown or white?  No then there was Self raising flour.  Herman needs Plain flour – PLAIN!  So I looked and on the half bay I see organic plain flour.  Is there the supermarket own brand????  Yep – just on a shelf lower down.  PHEW!!! Flour brought and I could go back to work and have my lunch (Cauliflower soup a la James Martin).

So here is Herman with his tea:

Herman's dinner

And here he is after he has been fed, watered, stirred, talked to and loved:

Herman well fed!

I’m a bit worried that there are lumps in him.  I hope and pray he is still bubbling.  I did have a look and watch him and I’m sure I saw a bubble or two!  I’ll keep you posted – he doesn’t need feeding again till Saturday when I have to split him and give him away.  I keep on changing my mind on who to pass him onto.  I thought I knew but then I think of others and think would they like him?  I’ve decided to pray about the matter instead. Hopefully by Saturday I’ll have the answers!





Today I was given Herman to look after.  I have to feed him, water him and show him lots of love.  I was asked after I tweeted/Faceached that I had received him what was Herman?

Well, could he be a furry four legged thing?


Does he have two legs?  Therefore could be a child or a bird?


And no, he’s not a fish either.

Is he a plant?

Erm…… I don’t think that’s the best way to describe him.

This is how he got delivered to me.

Arrival of Herman

The first instruction was to give him a proper home for him to grow in.  This I did as soon as I could after I got home.  After all he had been stuck at work with me all day, stood ages in the cold waiting for a bus and by the time we got home…… well I was definitely in a mood – Herman I don’t think commented.

I had to check that he was okay.

Is he breathing?


Yep.  Looks like he’s breathing okay.

I guess the best way to describe Herman is a culture.  He is a Sourdough starter, which once nurtured, grown, shared  can be then baked and eaten is part of a chain letter (although a lot nicer in my humble honest opinion) called the German Friendship Sourdough Cake (really like the Amish link!).

Cake – YUM! Trouble is I’m a Coeliac and well….. Herman has been created using wheat.  Now when I first was asked would I take Herman in I did think could I feed him Gluten-Free Flour?  After reading up on Sourdough I decided that since it’s almost a scientific process (all to do with Chemicals – I wasn’t a Science fan at school) I decided may be best not to.  After all it’s not Herman’s fault he was created the way he was and it’s no-one fault that God decided to make me special, stand out from the crowd etc.  By not being able to eat wheat (No one said difficult did they?  No?  Oh good!).   I also feel that flour shopping could make a very interesting blog feature in the next couple of days.

Anyway back to his new home.  One of the things I had read that when first creating, things need to be sterile to prevent mould so I decided to sterilise a big bowl (a bowl that has enough room for him to grow).  I did it in my usual manner of warming up the oven and putting a bowl in.  I needed the oven on anyway for my tea (it being Friday gluten-free fish fingers and chips).

Once I was happy that it was sterile I took the bowl out and let it cool before transferring over.

So this is Herman in his new home.

Herman in his new home


I’ve now covered him and placed a note on him stating that he should not be moved.   I hope he will be happy staying with me.  It’s going to be a fun learning process over the next ten days.  An adventure which I’m really looking forward too!