Although it’s a bit late in the season I am making Strawberry and Goosegog jam – except it’s more Goosegog as in my part of the world there has been a rush on Strawberries. According to the shop assistant “it’s a bank holiday you know!”

Yes I do hence why I have time to make the jam!

Every time I make this jam I end up remembering my Grandma. I’ve probably blogged about this before but I’ll type it anyway!

The recipe is in my grandma’s copy of Mrs Beeton. When she died I inheriated it. She always had a pot of this jam in the house and when I got into jam making I wanted to make it. Of course where was the recipe? She sadly wasn’t around to ask but one day whilst flipping through the book I came across it. I cannot tell you how happy it made me feel!

The inscription always make me smile. My Grandma was a fabulous cook and this book was given to her one Christmas by my Grandad. It says simply “Joan Xmas 1973 Frank” nothing more. No love, no kisses. There is love though – love spread through food, love through the time and making of it, a way of showing love to others. A way of me today to say to her up in heaven I still love you and think of you often. I’m sure if she was still here she would pass on some tips.

Maybe one day when I’ve developed a few of my own I’ll pass them onto you dear reader.

However time is short and the jam needs my attention so I’d better get back to it! 😀