A bit of a foodie weekend

This weekend is a bit of a long one so I’ve made the most of it by doing a spot of food shopping.  Today I went to Kings Heath Farmer’s Market.  I brought some Pork Pie and cheese for Christmas.  One of the cheese is really interesting it’s a type of blue cheese but it tastes a lot nicer.  I’m not a fan of blue cheese so for me to say it tastes nice must mean it’s winner!

Whilst I was there I popped into the church hall as there was a craft fair.  I picked up a wicked present for my husband.  I so hope he loves it.  If he does I will let you all know after Christmas so the word can be spread!

With the NEC just down the road it’s a it rude not to try and visit it once in awhile.  So yesterday I went down to the BBC Good Food Show.  I like looking around and discovering new things.  Yesterday I found a cracking find! I’m so happy about this that I’m blogging about it!  Even though I only have one subscribed reader – who already knows I still want to tell the world!  Hopefully others may stumble over it and will also have their lives change.

One of things I don’t drink is beer.  With the standard brewing process involving wheat and barley, which contains gluten, beer is a no no for anyone who has Coeliac disease.  It is the one thing that older diagnosed Coeliacs say that they miss.

As I was wondering around the NEC, as you do, I saw a sign. A big sign, a big sign with a crossed grain symbol in it.  Now if you are a Coeliac at this point your heart starts to race and excitement starts to brew and bubble up inside.  The symbol means that you can eat or drink it.  With the words beer added on to it well I just had to try.  Now with gluten-free beers the general thing is that they taste ….well…. like dirty dishwater is probably putting it polite.  So I decided not to get my hopes up over it.  One taste though and you know what it actually tastes of something.  It actually tastes like beer!  It’s called Crop Circle and its made by Hopback. You can order it online.  I’ve brought three bottles and I know I will be ordering more!

One of the things I like doing at the show is going to see demos. I find it interesting as you can pick up some tips.  It’s also great to see chefs and bakers at work in the flesh rather than on TV.  I had great fun watching Brian Turner make a variety of dishes “Ready, Steady, Cook” style all under twenty minutes with some ingredients given by local produce stands there at the show.  He was also selling such a wee cute cook book called “Tweet Pie” in association with Belling and raising money for the Anthony Nolan Trust.  It is a recipe book that is written as a tweet therefore each one is less than 140 characters and can be tweeted out to your followers.  The other great thing about it is that it is so small it can fit into your handbag! As a woman that makes me very happy!

Belling are celebrating 100 years in the business.  They had a cake sculpture made to celebrate it.  I think it is fantastic!  I had to photograph it!  Enjoy the pics! Blessings! 😀




It’s funny how something can trigger off a memory.  Hubby and I were in Kings Heath the other day.  Although the weather was windy we decided to go out and caught the bus to Kings Heath.  There we saw the new square and the Labyrinth.

Centre of the Labyrinth

It reminded me of the maze outside the chapel at St. Martin’s College, Lancaster.  Hubby and I had such a lovely time there and made some fab friends.  Staring down at it there was only one course of action I could take……….. To explore the Labryinth!

The start

So I followed the path with it’s twists and turns…. Hubby took his own route…. and kept bashing in to me!

at a corner

Whilst we were travelling through, laughing and playing around a lady from the hall came outside with a leaflet explaining all the artwork and how it came about to be.

Still following the path

I always find the above verse from Micah very inspiring.


Enjoying taking a step


Another corner


Hands of love

The project was a community based one working with local groups.  Hence the different inspiring verses.

Another turn


And the sun shone


Further along


Kink in the path


Another bend


One more then we are home!

Once we reached the centre it was time to make ourselves warm by going to get a cup of tea.


I urge you if you are ever in Kings Heath to take a look at the Labyrinth and make your own journey, to look at the art work, to read the story and read the poem by Rosie Miles and make your own way through.