It’s funny how something can trigger off a memory.  Hubby and I were in Kings Heath the other day.  Although the weather was windy we decided to go out and caught the bus to Kings Heath.  There we saw the new square and the Labyrinth.

Centre of the Labyrinth

It reminded me of the maze outside the chapel at St. Martin’s College, Lancaster.  Hubby and I had such a lovely time there and made some fab friends.  Staring down at it there was only one course of action I could take……….. To explore the Labryinth!

The start

So I followed the path with it’s twists and turns…. Hubby took his own route…. and kept bashing in to me!

at a corner

Whilst we were travelling through, laughing and playing around a lady from the hall came outside with a leaflet explaining all the artwork and how it came about to be.

Still following the path

I always find the above verse from Micah very inspiring.


Enjoying taking a step


Another corner


Hands of love

The project was a community based one working with local groups.  Hence the different inspiring verses.

Another turn


And the sun shone


Further along


Kink in the path


Another bend


One more then we are home!

Once we reached the centre it was time to make ourselves warm by going to get a cup of tea.


I urge you if you are ever in Kings Heath to take a look at the Labyrinth and make your own journey, to look at the art work, to read the story and read the poem by Rosie Miles and make your own way through.