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The History of Lent & the Lost Celebration –

A good way of looking at Lent.  I myself am still deciding what to do.

I don’t want to give something up although I know a few people who are.  I know I need to be more strict with my diet – it slipped last week due to a really bad cold but I want to do something positive.

I received the 40 acts email yesterday and that did get me thinking. I will try and blog about it’s subject.  This past couple of days things have happened or have been brought to my attention on  the theme of writing lists and journey. I want to explore those themes a bit.  So I can see myself writing about that as well.

As the days pass I plan to follow a bible study that I have. I also want to read a few more books. Regular readers will know I used to be an avid reader but lost the mojo a few years ago. I’m not saying that the mojo has returned it’s just I have recently realised that my free time can be better utilised.  As part of that I am trying to spend a little more time with my nose in a book.

What are your Lenten plans?
Blessings 🙂



So today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. This year I’m giving up Cakes, Biscuits and Chocolate (but not drinking Chocolate as that is exempt according to a nun I used to know). I’m doing this to encourage OH as he is doing the same. I’m also going to eat more healthily. So that’s my giving up!

My doing something positive is going to be reading certain books that are going to be encouraging me in making positive changes in my life. I’ll probably blog a bit about them.

On the pins for Lent is going to be a mix of knitting for me and knitting for charity. I’m going to be finishing my failed Ravellenics sock project and as part of the #sheeptweeps KAL knitting a cowl.

So what are your Lenten plans dear reader?
Blessings 😀

So have I broken it?

My aim for Lent was to blog each day of what I was thankful for. Yesterday I ran out of time but I still managed to find something to be thankful for.

A couple of weeks ago I had a blood test to see if my vitamin and mineral levels were ok. It is all part of my Coeliac monitoring. They were also checking for gluten antibodies. When I got the call from the doctor I was expecting a bit of a lecture as I knew that I hadn’t checked the ingredient list on a few products. The day before the test I had this chocolate treat that had wheat flour in so I was convinced there would be some.

The doctor actually phoned up to say I am Vitamin D deficient. Felt like saying erm it’s winter what do you expect? Anyway he wrote out a prescription, which I went to pick up after work yesterday. I also had to go food shopping after that. This was done on lots of buses, which took time. I was pretty tired when I got back.

The reason of my thankfulness is prescriptions. We are lucky in this country to be able to get medication and in my case gluten free food on prescription.

On my way out of the doctors I passed the chemist and a lady came out moaning about how much she had paid for the prescription. In the UK we do have to pay the charge. I sent up a silent prayer of thanks. Due to having an under active thyroid I am exempt from charges.

So although this is late I feel that I haven’t exactly broken it just yet. I’m still thankful and yesterday was a double whammy.

Blessings! 😀

Reasons to be Cheerful (or what I’m doing for Lent)

I’ve spent that past few days wondering what I should do for Lent.  Do I give up something? Or do I do something?

To give up something implies that that something can be a negative in our lives, it could be something that we use as a crutch or it could be something that we feel prevents us from focusing on God.  So I could have given up the old chocolate but today is Valentine’s Day – you never know I might get some chocolate.  But I’ve found that in the past when I’ve given up something like that I will find something else equally as bad as a substitute for example the year I gave up alcohol (NEVER EVER AGAIN – unless my health dictates that I have to) my consumption of cakes rocketed.

I did think of maybe healthy eating in general but then I’ve got a few meals out coming up and you could have the argument of use those as your “Sundays” (God rested on the Sabbath so during Lent apparently you can have Sundays off) but what’s the betting I would fall off the wagon completely and then spend ages beating myself up over it. (Odds high!)

So that lead me down the path of doing something positive.  I did think I could spend the whole of Lent knitting bootees for Ruth Mailbag charity but to be honest I’m a little still “knitted out for others” after the Stitch Solihull KAL which I only just finished last week.  Sorry I know there isn’t a photo of it on here or on Rav but I ended up being so sick of it that I’m so pleased that it has a new home and is loved.

I did think about the focusing on God more aspect of Lent and I was going to share some of my thoughts on a particular subject regarding prayer but then I became a little chicken as I felt that by opening myself out I would be judge, ridiculed etc.  To be honest I’ve been down a lot lately.  I hate winter at the best of times and the recent snow fall over the past few days has sent me on the rollercoaster again.  So no I decided maybe not.

Last year I did follow some of 40Acts but the suggestion they made yesterday as part of their theme of living generously was to make a bag of little bits and pieces that may be useful to give out to others – so like having tissues to hand to pass to someone with a cold or a coffee card to give to a homeless person etc.  The thing is I carry lots of bags – one of my nick names is the bad lady.  To have another one with those bits in? Not to mention the expense of filling it in the first place – I think I will pass.

So by yesterday evening, on Ash Wednesday itself I still had not decided what to do.  Hubby made a suggestion that we should go to a service at a different church.  The time of the service suited us better – it meant that I could go straight from work, and since it is such a lovely little church I agreed.   Now this church is small and old.  It does have a small church hall which is where the toilets were.  Unfortunately the hall reached a state where it was deemed unusable.  So space inside the church was found for a small kitchen and a toilet. At the end of a wonderful service I decided before heading home that I should go.  Inside the toilet was a framed poster proudly displaying that it was twinned with another toilet in developing country. This toilet had three and a bit walls – the bit was where you went in.  The walls were made out of mud and it was obvious that the toilet would be in fact a hole in the floor.  Then it struck me what I should do for Lent.  A basic need that I take for granted is in fact a luxury for some.  It made me feel humble and it also made me feel grateful.  I do try and make an effort to say Thank you when someone does something for me but I should be thankful for everything.  As a Christian I am called to be grateful.  So each day I am going to find something that I am grateful for and post it on here, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Yesterday I was thankful for the gift of a toilet.

Today being Valentine’s Day I am grateful for all the love that I receive from you dear reader, my family, my friends, my tweeps, the people I come into contact with, my husband and God.  I love you all too! X

Ash Wednesday

Lots have been happening since I last blogged.  Unfortunately hubby went a bit poorly so I was caught up in that.  He is now well again – Thank you Lord!  I’ve also been busy knitting, getting things off the pins ready for my Lenten knitting project.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.  Yesterday I had pancakes and this morning I went to church to get my splodge on my head.  The splodge is a cross made out of ash that the priest places on your forehead.  I was brought up Catholic and although today (apparently – I always thought it was) is not a Holy Day of Obligation (where you are supposed to go to church) it is a day I do go to church (although you’ll find me at various ones on a Sunday).  It is also a time to think about what to do or give up.

Last year I read about a small charity called the Ruth Mailbag part of their work in Ladysmith, South Africa is working with a hospital providing baby clothing to new mothers.  The story I read explained how that the mothers were so poor that often babies were taken home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper.  It just broke my heart.  The charity can only deal with items being donated to them.  Last year when I heard about this I had to do something so I decided that with postage being so expensive small items would be better.  So all through Lent I knitted booties and this year I will be doing the same.  I’ve even got a project bag ready with yarn, needles, pattern and notions.

I discovered recently that Cafod are being matched £ for £ by the UK government during Lent so I urge you to spread the word if reading this.  I’m planning on making a donation!

I’m also looking at doing this: – It’s good to do something positive about Lent.

I will also be reading a book called “The Barefoot Disciple” by Stephen Cherry.

Lent is supposed to be a time of renewal.  Reshaping our hearts and minds to be more like Christ after all God is the potter we are the clay.  So with this in mind I’ve decided that “The Thing” (really they are called Lenten Promises – but I broke it first off this morning!)  I’m going to do is to say grace before eating.  We do try and say grace before our Sunday Lunch and then forget about it during the week.  All gifts come from God of which we should be thankful.  So I’m giving it a strong go……… although how I will tackle a bag of sweets I’m not sure…… I mean are you supposed to say grace before eating each sweet or before you open the bag?