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So on my last blog I mentioned that I was very excited as I had been chosen to receive a new gluten free product to review by Newburn Bakehouse.  Well all this week I have been trying their new mini multi grain wraps!

As you can see from the photo they contain various grains all suitable on a gluten free diet.


There are 6 in a packet and retail price is Β£2.99.  They are available on line and in most retail stores. 

My first taste was for lunchtime.  Simply filled with tuna in a Marie Rose Sauce.  Due to their size they cannot be overfilled so please bear this in mind when making a wrap to roll or fold.  This is how mine turned out.


They taste nice but the taste completely changed when toasted. I attempted to make a tostada but my results were messy – hence no photos but the wraps toasted extremely well. An experience and experiment that I’m going to try again!

They are also brilliant for ripping up and dunking in soup.

Since I wanted to get my hands on some more I went to big Sainsbury and spied another Newburn product that I’ve not seen  or heard off before. I’m now asking why because it’s amazing!


White Sourdough Artisan Bread. It looks like a proper bread loaf you know the type you find in a proper bakery.  I decided that I needed to treat this with a bit of respect. Perfect for doorstop bacon sandwiches but since there was no bacon in the house only eggs I made a fried egg (dry fried) sandwich.


How gorgeous! Xxxx

OH got a piece to try and his remarks were “it’s proper bread”! πŸ™‚  What can I  say?

Well done Newburn and thank you for letting me try your new product. Keep up the good work and I hope to be trying something new soon πŸ™‚


#Glutenfree in and around South West Scotland


Dear Reader

I’m back after a week’s holiday with my parents  staying along the bank of Loch Lomond.  During my stay we went out and about to various places and as ever I kept my eye out for gluten free finds.

On our first day we visited Helensburgh, a pretty place on the river Clyde. This is where the river Clyde starts opening up to the sea and there was a definite smell of the sea in the air!

Helensburgh has lots of independent shops including a wool shop but Monday is a closed day for the majority of the business (this included the wool shop but I had taken plenty of projects with me).  Along the front is a Spanish Tapas Restaurant called La  Barca that has plenty of gluten free options on its menu including Meatballs. The lunchtime offer was good value and the portions are generous.

I had the meatballs, vegetable paella and salad. All of which were delicious. My mum and dad went back there for a meal after we returned home.

Tuesday saw us visiting part of Glasgow as I wanted to go to the Mackintosh Church and mum wanted to go to St Mungo Museum of Religious Art this gave us a problem of where to eat.  The museum website wasn’t clear if there was anywhere to eat. They do have a cafe and looking at the menu when we got there after we had eaten I could of had a jacket potato.

What showed up on the Internet being close by Steak, Cattle and Roll. On the menu outside there was no mention of gluten free options but we poked our heads in and asked.  The waitress was very knowledgeable. She mentioned that there were gluten free burgers and buns. However when she checked with the kitchen they had ran out of the burgers but had pulled pork which was gluten free and I could have this with a gluten free bun. The chips were not classed as gluten free as the waitress explained about cross contamination in the fryers. I love having knowledgeable staff πŸ™‚

Wednesday saw us all heading to Falkirk to do the Falkirk Wheel. We took a packed lunch with us. There is a cafe that does food. They had gluten free Dundee Cake, gluten free Brownies and gluten free Cherry Cupcakes. Now I know in the spirit of research I should really have taste tested them all but I’m still trying to be good. So I had the Cherry Cupcakes which were delicious. I also spied and brought these:


I’m so glad that Walkers have got on the bandwagon.  Not sure how south these travel and how available they are but good to see.

Now for some exciting gluten free news!!! As you know dear reader I share with you my findings. Until now I have never had products sent to me. I commented on a Facebook post for Newburn the gluten free arm of Warburton ‘s.   They have sent me their latest product which I can’t share with you till next week!  Watch this space πŸ™‚ #excited

#Gluten-Free products review

You may have seen being advertised by Newburn the Gluten-Free arm of Warburtons, Gluten-Free wraps. Now I’ve never experienced any wraps before so was keen to try them out. I hunted high and low in all the larger stores of the major supermarkets and yet couldn’t see them. I think the hype of “vote to save” them on the Bakery’s Facebook page was assisting in their scarcity. However I was lucky enough to find one packet on my travels! I know we pay extra for gluten-free food but I do think the price of Β£3 for a packet of 3 wraps is a little on the pricey side. You can get a loaf for the same price! Also each wrap is high on the calorie side 216 cals per wrap. Depending on brand a slice of bread works out at approx 80 so for a sandwich minus filling it works out at about 160. But is it worth it?

Well they are large.


So I filled it and wrapped it like so:



The verdict? Well they are quite squishy and chewy. They remind me of a pizza base, and there is a recipe on the back telling you how to do this. They are also filling. I found then very tasty so will buy them again as a treat. They can be frozen, which is a bonus. So well done Warburtons – keep up the good work!

The other thing I’ve tried this week is “Biscuit breaks” by Nairns They are similar (I guess) to the Brevita ones.

I tried the oats and fruit. The look reminded me of the old style digestives biscuits that I had as a child. They tasted nice but a little hard. They are dunkable and I would recommend it to dunk them in into a hot mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. These biscuits are useful if you can’t have breakfast or as a snack. I did have them for a late breakfast and they did keep me going till lunch. I’m keen to try the other flavours and I will keep some in the cupboard as a back up. Again keep up the good work!

Blessings! πŸ˜€