Being part of something amazing

Sometimes in our hurly burly world we become lost and often can’t see the wood for the trees, therefore not seeing the bigger picture or the wonder of this world.  I’ve been feeling like that for a few weeks.  I’ve lost sight of the reason why I am in this life and what it is that God wants me to do.

On Saturday morning whilst lying in my bed with the sun streaming through the window I finished a book that I had been reading “Enjoy every sandwich” by Lee Lipsenthal The book is about Lee’s journey with Cancer.  Near the end of the book was a line that made me cry.  It was where his wife was celebrating New Year – grateful that they had made it through another year of being together.  The line resonated with me so much with the way I had travelled with my husband’s latest addition to his illness.  Whilst I was crying I felt my Guardian Angels presence and so I talked to them for a bit.  Whilst talking I asked again what is my purpose?  I heard God’s voice say “To make people smile”.

I had heard this same phrase last week when I was making the sacks for the races at a Jubilee event that is taking place at one of my local churches.  These sacks have been made out of old duvet covers, which I had to cut up and sew.  Now I have a slight love/hate relationship with my sewing machine and also I was on a downer of ”not being a mum”, but whilst sewing the sacks this phrase kept on repeating in my mind and making them was a bit of breeze.  Once finished I was so joyous that I had made them!  This strength could have only come from God.

So yesterday morning I got up, did a few chores and then went to the last Jubilee planning meeting which looks like all is coming together.  Now we have to pray for nice weather.  The weather is sunny and warm at the moment but I think a little more breeze would be ideal for a week on Monday!

After the meeting I went into Brum to do a bit of shopping and to pop in on the K2TOG project to see how I could help.


The K2TOG is a knit graffiti project to celebrate the Olympics.  The idea as you can see from the photo is to cover the columns of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in long knitted strips of yarn in the Olympic colours.  I spent a pleasant afternoon knitting my piece.

My bit

This piece will then be added to all the others and then wrapped around the columns.  The project is a community event getting the people of Birmingham involved in creating this art installation, as well as teaching people new skills of how to knit as well as sharing the love of knitting. What is so amazing as I told people as they popped into the shop is that they can show their friends and say “I DID THAT!”

How many of us can say I did that?  I have made a difference! ? ?

I urge you if you are in the Birmingham area up till 30th June pop in to the K2TOG shop in the Pavilions and help make your mark.  If you can’t do that look at small ways of how you can you can make a difference in someone’s life. Even a simple smile can make another person smile.