Fulfilling a Dream

Dreams are funny things.  I have them all the time and presently for the past 7 nights have been having very weird ones.  Now I know what psychologists and other experts would say (and I’m sure that they would have a field day with me at the moment) but I believe that God uses them to send messages…… just not sure what He is trying to tell me!

We also have other dreams such as ambitions in life and things we would love to do.  Mine for a while has been to see one of my all time favourite bands Roxette.  Marie, one half of the pair, has been very ill which is why they have not been touring.  They did visit the UK last year for a one-off concert in London – I only found out about after the event and t’was gutted!  Then yesterday by the power of email I got a “what’s on” guide from the NEC group and in there it said that Roxette was coming to Brum!

Such a huge grin spread over my face and of course (naturally) I brought a ticket.  I mentioned to a friend that I was going and then they asked “So what’s your favourite song by them?” Silence from my end….   So I thought what is my favourite Roxette song?

You know what I can’t answer that question.  Music I find means certain things at certain times.  It can transport us to another realm, to another time and place. It evokes memories.  It changes our mood by uplifting us or making us sad. I know there has been times in my life when a Roxette song has got me through the day!

So if you are reading this and know of a fan make them smile and let them know that they are on tour again! 😀