Laugh till your cheeks hurt!

As the song by Hummingbird goes “You’ve got to live your life laughing so you don’t cry.” This week saw hubby and me laughing around Snowdonia,  mostly about my narrow escape from the Bog Monster that tried to eat me for breakfast.  We was walking through a muddy patch and well ……. my leg went down into the bog up to my knee, then I fell onto my bottom.  Hubby (bless him!) managed to pull me out minus a boot and then got down on all fours to pull the boot out so we could carry on with our walk, with me having one dry foot and one wet cold foot.  If you do ever find yourself in  Snowdonia I can recommend that you pay a visit to Steffan at Pen-Y-Ceunant    as he does the best Hot Chocolate that I’ve tasted anywhere.  It comes served in a Chalice and it does become almost a spiritual experience.

Of course when on holiday you always spend a little too much – in my case it was yarn at Siop Anna in Porthmadog.  I got invited to their knitting group that takes place on a Thursday afternoon and heard about the project that they did for The Cob’s 200th birthday. They knitted a big long scarf that stretched from one end to the other.  Amazing!  You can read about it here:  and on this blog here:

Which then lead me to tighten the purse strings slightly for this Sunday’s meal.  Typically a roast in our house but yesterday I came across something that sounded interesting Pig Cheeks.

Pork Cheeks


Now I can get a bit squeamish about eating others parts of the animal but the label said slow cook so I thought slow cooker – one pot meal, saves on the washing up and gives me the time to catch up on myself.  They were under £2 – bargain!

Last night I sat with Mrs Beeton to see what she said about them.  In my edition from 1973, brought by my granddad for my grandmother at Christmas there is only one recipe which states to wash then boil for two and half hours before covering with breadcrumbs and bake in a moderate oven for another half an hour.  To me it sounded a bit boring so I lightly dusted them in flour mixed with Paprika before laying them on a bed of vegetables in the slow cooker.


Pork cheeks in the Slow Cooker

Cold stock, herbs and tinned tomatoes added to it and cooked on low for the best part of the day.  Served with mash and the last of my home grown runner beans, a few peas and a glass of Red.  Taste?   Well……… it tasted (surprisingly!) of Pork.  Since it had been cooked really slowly it just fell apart.  Delicious! Made a mental note to look out for it again!

Today I also got several compliments for my cakes.  You may remember that I got asked to make my lemon and poppy seed cake for the Macmillan coffee morning at the URC.  Which I gladly obliged and added a Sultana Spice cake as well.  I was asked if they were Secret Family recipes which made me smile.  I don’t actually own any family secret recipes although I do collect them.  One which I did have which was Spaghetti Bolognaise I tweaked and even now every time I make it it tastes different every time!  I’m not about to enter the Great British Bake Off Series 3 but well done to Jo for winning!

Another job I did today was to wrap up my contribution to the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit.  Unfortunately I could only manage to do 45 this year but I’ve been busy knitting so many other things.  Here is a little peak at some of them – Look out for them they’ll be appearing in a shop near you soon!


Smoothie Hats