Yarn Bombing

Dearest Reader

For many many weeks I’ve been a bit quiet and quite busy working on a secret project. The secret project was erected on Tuesday as part of Solihull BID Britain in Bloom entry.

Unfortunately I was on holiday so I couldn’t see the final results or take pictures. However a few people did.
Straight Stitching has done two blog posts to it and there are loads of pictures over on Facebook on the Solihull Crafters page.

So the project was to make loads and loads of flowers to string together to drop and wrap around trees. I decided one of the easiest things to do was to make loads of French Knitting or Corking as it also known as. This was easy to do on the bus as all I needed was the doll that is used in this craft and green wool. So for weeks this was my traveling project. If anyone asked I said I was working on an art installation.

For the flowers I found the book 100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield valuable.  I also did lots of crochet circles in two different colours to resemble flowers. This became a project to take to Knit Night and groups which caused much amusement as people tried to guess what I was making. Sorry that I had to keep quiet.

For those in Solihull I hope you enjoyed the hard work of all the ladies and their creative handicrafts.  For the rest of you look at the links. 🙂

Here is a close up of what I made 🙂





Blessings 🙂


#Yarn Bombing

If you happen to be in Touchwood, Solihull this week you will see some interesting features. Note you have to look up!



I also did a little bit with thanks to the girls at Stitch Solihull


Can you spot the bit I did? Well it was one of the squares. I had been to a granny square workshop at the shop, taught by the wonderful Denise. So when volunteers were sought for a secret project that involved granny squares I wanted to practice my skills!

The art is for a purpose. It is to raise awareness for the need of blankets for children living in poverty here in the UK. You can find out more here

Blessings! 😀

We three kings of Orient are

My two wise men

Or in my case two! My exciting knitting project was unveiled the other day! Along with the rest of Stitch Solihull’s creative creations! As a group we were asked to provide items for a window display for Waterstones’ Solihull. Although due to work commitments I have been unable to attend the knit nights Vickie asked if I would be willing to help knit something towards it.

It’s been good fun knitting the two wise men. I was going to blog about what being wise is all about and a few thoughts on wisdom but unfortunately I hurt my ankle by sort of falling out of a taxi the other night. I admit alcohol was involved, however in my defence the taxi was a mini bus and I was wearing heels….. and well you know they have those ridiculous tiny steps? My foot sort slipped and I went over. The following night I had a party with the Zumbarettes and did a lot of things your not supposed to do when you have a sprain (more alcohol and dancing, not much resting –opps! And Ouch!) So today is a full rest day with foot elevated and lots of TV watching (and more knitting!)

I’ve had lots of fun this week even with hubby recovering from a major op. It’s been a buzz standing outside Waterstones looking at the groups work and then hearing people’s comments on the display! I feel blessed to know wonderful people (work, knitting and Zumbarettes)!

If you happen to be in Solihull during this month please go and have a look at the display. Waterstones’ is on the High Street. You can’t miss it!