She’s flowered

My Christmas Cactus. 3 weeks earlier than last year. Living in the city you have to look for the subtle change in seasons and the clues that nature gives towards what type of weather is coming ahead. Those who live in the countryside or work outside notice these changes better than me. For me in my world of full-time working and living in the suburbs I have to look slightly harder.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are lots of berries on the trees. Up my street there is a house that has a bush with berries on. Usually at this time of year the colour would be a mix of red and green – red for the berries, green for the leaves. This year it is a mass of red! Lots of berries I was always told meant that nature was leaving food out for the birds to prepare them for the bad winter ahead.

My Christmas cactus has been with me for a number of years. I got it to remind me of my Grandma. She had a few of them that lived on the table in her back porch. Mine lives on my front porch where it gets quite a bit of sun and I water it when I remember. When she flowers has varied over the years but it is usually between the back-end of November and January. Last year she flowered around Bonfire night – a couple of weeks later we had snow and the worst winter for 30 years. This year she has flowered in October. I guess we will wait and see what this winter brings and see if the signs of nature that are see are right.