Surprising what I find

First of all yep I haven’t blogged the past two days. Friday saw me absolutely shattered and I tried to find a blog that I could re blog so I could say something. Unfortunately I didn’t find any.  Yesterday saw me at work followed by attending a Charity Race Night where I was in charge of the tote.  I love the person who created the spreadsheet that did all the sums for me. You are truly a genius. ….or at least Excel is. Xxx

So that meant no words either. Today has seen me bunged up with a blocked nose again – so hoping it’s not *whispers* c o l d.

I’ve spent the morning sorting out my yarn stash as one of my friends mentioned a project that uses up cotton yarn. She will knit them up for charity.  I  knew I had some odds and ends of these in my stash.  As I dug deep down into my big boxes I came across some other odd balls of wool including a beige that can be used to make up the dolls for the nativity.  Which was a very nice surprise indeed.

I’ve also sorted out some balls that I’ll never use (well at least in the next 12 months or so) and I’m taking those along to knit night in case anyone else can make use of them. This means my yarn stash is down to two big boxes and a large carrier bag. I may feel a little smug as I have been on a strict (sort of) yarn fast. However this week sees me visiting one of my favourite yarn shops which is like an Aladdin’s cave. ……my resolve may falter…..but then it would be rude not to buy a little something – hopefully beige for the nativity dolls.

Blessings 🙂


The magical spell

Has been casted off! My owls are finished!


All I needed was buttons for the eyes. This gave me an excuse to visit my new local yarn shop Stitch Solihull The origins of the shop come from two members of the knitting group that I attend that meets weekly on a Thursday in the upstairs of Starbucks, Touchwood in Solihull, from about 5pm onwards.

I decided since I know the girls that cake would be appreciated so yesterday I made some cake. I made a diary free cake in case one of ladies who lives locally popped in. The recipe is here – it was interesting to make it and although it sounds weird it actually tastes very nice. The other one I made was Red Velvet Cake – it ended up being more or a dark pink as I ran out of red food colouring and had to use the pink that I had. Also I had to learn how to make buttermilk, which is a lot easier than you think!

So off I went! The shop is light and airy with everything well laid out. There is ribbons, fabric, needles, threads, yarn (of course) and buttons – which is what I went for. There is something for every one and for every pocket. There are knitting meet ups and there will be workshops.

So Al, I hear you ask did you just buy buttons? Well dear reader….Yes I know I’m sort of on a yarn fast and yes I may just try and pass it off as thick thread like I did last time I broke the fast….. But


Isn’t it beautiful? So scrummy!

It will become a shawl eventually. Just got to decide on the pattern. I may also have to cast on something else in the mean time.

I encourage you to visit the shop if you are in the area. I may even bump into you!

Blessings! 😀

Getting carried away!

I got so caught up last night in preparing for the party that I forgot to do one of my New Year’s Eve traditions – my review of the year in my own personal journal.  I got a bit angry, then a bit sad and then a feeling of joy and thankfulness took over my heart.  Here I was on the brink of starting a whole new chapter of life and I was going to do it with people I love – Hubby, my friends and 2 of my Godchildren.   We had a great time!

Now that it is half way through the first day of the year my thoughts now turn to not summing up last year but in thinking of what I want to achieve this year.  I can’t remember what I resolved to do last year.  It will be written down in my old journal but truth be told I can’t be bothered to go and find it!  After all it is history!

I tend not to make resolutions I make aspirations thanks to a book called Simple Abudance by Sarah Ban Breathnach in which she says that resolutions need to be changed to aspirations. After all you aspire to achieve them and if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t matter because you aspire to do it and eventually you will.

 So this year there are a few things on my list of things I want to achieve.  Three are connected to my statements of how I want to try and live my life –   Get my colours done (Colour me beautiful), Wear clothes that fit my shape and to learn to walk in high heels.  But there are two that I am going to find a real challenge.  Especially since they are two things I love – yarn and books.   Or should that be books that live in the place I work?  You see I borrow so many books from the library that I work in and yet I neglect to read the ones on my shelves that I OWN! They just sit there and I buy more books to join them. . . . and well. ……. I’m running out of space.

Yarn well I love knitting and love buying yarn and it is also jostling for space in my house.  I also have enough yarn for several projects so it’s time to stop for a bit and actually knit up some of the stuff I have (it will also create a bit of space for next year’s new year’s sale!!)

So I’ll use this blog to monitor myself in not borrowing any books from the library bar Lee Child and to read the books on my books shelves. (Bar Lee Child – I’ve just discovered him and want to read the whole series!); and to not to buy any more yarn till I have knitted up all the projects of which I have supply for.

Wish me luck!  Or better still pray for a lot of strength – I’m going to need it! LOL!

Happy New Year!